SPARC Reanalysis Intercomparison Project

Recent S-RIP News

ACP Special Issue on the S-RIP

2 February 2016 | The S-RIP special issue has been approved by the Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP). To submit your paper to this special issue, please choose "The SPARC Reanalysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP)" (note: the title starts with "T" not "S") in the ACP's paper submission page.

Model Levels Reanalysis Data

2 February 2016 | A sticky thread for scripts to download model levels reanalysis data, and associated discussion, has been created on the S-RIP Discussion Board. Scripts can also be placed on the BADC space in the workspace directory /group_workspaces/jasmin2/srip/scripts/model_levels/.

S-RIP Progress Discussed at the SPARC SSG Meeting

13 November 2015 | SPARC annual SSG meeting was held in Boulder, USA during 10-13 November 2015. Sean Davis represented S-RIP. Details are available here.

New S-RIP Co-leads

10 November 2015 | David Tan stepped down as one of the co-leads in July 2015. We are very happy to announce today that Lesley Gray and Gloria Manney become the new S-RIP co-leads working together with Masatomo Fujiwara. See the Working Group page.

S-RIP 2016 Workshop

6 November 2015 | The next S-RIP workshop will be held at Victoria, Canada during 19-21 October 2016. The SPARC Data Assimilation (DA) workshop will be held at the same place during 17-19 October 2016, with a one-day joint S-RIP - SPARC-DA session on 19 October 2016. Please check Upcoming Events page.
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